California's 51st Congressional District

Why vote for FUJI for Congress?

I have been an educator my entire life – teaching lessons to our future generations and helping them prepare for success in their future endeavors. As someone who understands the importance of a good education in developing productive citizens of society, I strongly advocate for school choice so that students can find the best fit for their academic goals. In addition to this commitment to educational reform, I also understand the importance of parental rights in ensuring parents have a say in what kind of educational experience their children receive.

Finally, but most importantly – having lived here – supporting local small businesses is critical due to economic growth and strengthening community ties within our district. Allowing a pro-education candidate like me into office will help ensure our small business owners receive protection from the Washington DC, bureaucracy.

On Tuesday, March 5th, 2024, you will get to vote for Stan Caplan, Bill Wells, Sara Jacobs, and myself, FUJI.

Vote for me – Fuji – and together, let’s create a brighter America based upon sound principles that offer hope and opportunity for all!

White House under clear sky at night
White House under clear sky at night

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